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A Brother Like Noah

By: Adam K.
Washington, Age 9

I have a brother named Noah. Noah and I were both born in May, 11 months apart. My mom said it was like having twins.

We used to take naps together. We liked to wrestle and play in the bathtub. Noah taught me to raid the refrigerator.

My mom knew something was wrong with Noah because of the way he was acting. He used to bang walls and he didn't talk. I was two years old. I could talk, but Noah couldn't.

My mom took him to the doctor. The doctor said Noah has a disability called autism. A disability is a problem a person has that makes things harder for him or her to do.

Noah acts weird sometimes. Sometimes he ''video talks.'' That means he talks the same words as videos. He has a hard time playing because he doesn't know what to do. He even shouts a lot.

Noah will never get rid of his autism, but other people can't catch it like a flu or cold.

When Noah was little, he went to Broadway preschool. He learned to talk and play. I helped him at home.

Then Noah went to kindergarten. He taught me lots of things he learned at kindergarten. He taught me math and how to read. We would sometimes spend all night reading books! Noah taught me so much, I was able to skip kindergarten. We are in the same grade but different classes. When I am in my class, I can hear him if he's being loud. His voice is loud enough to stun a yak.

Sometimes the way Noah acts makes me get angry easily. I have a counselor named Greg. He helps me learn to control my anger. He gives me relaxing activities like breathing slowly and thinking of good things. I also like to relax by playing Hangman.

Sometimes it's hard being Noah's brother. He loves me, and I'm trying to be a good brother.