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The Young Americans

By: Wesley K.
Arizona, Age 9

The Young Americans
By :Wesley K.

On January the 18th it was the day the Young Americans were here. They let us in, we put our stuff away. Then they played games with us. They introduced themselves we introduced ourselves, too. Then they showed us some dances like happiness, and did this thing called bill boards. Then they taught us the dances until dinner. then After dinner we did more stuff like high school musical. Then we did the end of the show for the night we went home. Then on Friday we got there at 7:00 a.m. Tt was so tiring well at least I was tired I wanted to go back to bed then when we got started we exercised. Then we went through the part of the show we already learned then they taught us more. We learned all those dances fast then they showed us the Lion King part of the play. They taught us that very quickly then we had dinner. We did a lot after dinner we did bill boards, happiness, and many others. Then on Saturday we did the show till 6:15 then we went home and ate dinner then at 7:00 we went back to the high school and sat in the hall for 30 minutes then went out in the gym and sat down on the floor and watched the young Americans do there dances then we took a 15 minute break then we started doing our dances then when we did the lion king we did the ending part then signed shirts and then we finished the play.