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By: Josh S.
Colorado, Age 8

One day Josh and hairamon are dooing ps2 when hairamon said`` hairamon hairvolv to! Hairiermon!`` I paus the game and stare at him. He unpauses and sence in the game we are enimis he destoys me. I loved him so much I created a hair egg. but befor it could hatch someone shot it and it hatched into warhairmon. and he ran off with hairiermon and then some other hairdesten helped and with josh they went in serch for hairiermon. Next year we found warhairmon and hairiermon! and they wer destroying a internet hairmon warhairhairmon and hairiermon hair volved together to make Ombnyhair! he said `` suprimcanon!`` and at second a canon for his hand shot and the internet hairmon died. we all thaut that the viris in him was destoyd but we wer all wrong, it was just the begining. ``I finly know your names`` I said `` so do we.Your Josh.``they said.`` your Ryan and Daniel.`` I said. Daniel and Ryan desided to live with Josh. Sudenly the viris slowly draged ombnyhair away from me.

to be continued.