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By: Jose B.
Bolivia, Age 9

One day I was going to Brazil by Airplane. We were going to see the big and hard turtles. When we finally got to Brazil we needed to go to that big zoo of sea turtles. We immediately got there. I was so excited that I started to scream like a baby. We got to a part were my dad said to an old man, were are the turtles and the old man said, in the sea. But my dad said, not the turtles of the sea the turtles of the zoo, at that same moment I laughed like 15 minutes.
Then my father said to another person and that person said him were was it. We finally got to the zoo of turtles and I saw them all. The best thing I most like was the gift shop and the food. The food was whatever sea food you wanted so I said, can you bring me a crab. The person of the restaurant said, OK. In the gift shop it was amazing I liked it a lot. After all that fun I needed to go to the hotel. But I was very happy to go to that zoo of turtles.