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A Day at Atlantis

By: Yuk T.
Pennsylvania, Age 9

It was a beautiful sunny day at Dolphin Cay. First, we went early to watch the dolphins swim in the Cay and do tricks. Then the lady called us over and asked us to put on silly wetsuits. Then the woman took us to a TV where it gave directions on how to act with the dolphins. One rule was to never put your hand on the dolphin's blowhole.
Then the lady took us to the Cay and we went inside the water. It was cold when you first got in, but then it numbed your body and I got used to it. The trainers were showing us tricks the dolphins could do. Then the trainer told us to go to the edge and put our hand out in the water and wave. The dolphin came by and I got to touch it; it felt like slimy rubber.
The trainer called us over to hug the dolphin and get a picture. We also got to high-five them too. It was my second best day at Atlantis.