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Bobcat Bunny

By: Kasey K.
Arizona, Age 9

“Look out man he is going to chew you to smithereens.” Tyler and I were playing Jak X combat racing. Then Hunter comes in my room and said” come see a bobcat eating a bunny.” Then I said “com on Tyler” then he said “ok”. We get out of the room and we charge down the stairs. Then I look up and ask how come there is so much birds on that roof? then Mark my step dad said that they are waiting for the left over’s! And I say who likes bunny.

GUESS WHAT! There was a bunny leg on the ground! then Tyler and I go to the neighbors front porch and the bobcat looked at us like it thought we were going to kill it or something. So it hoped in our neighbors backyard. Then every body goes in the back yard.

Then I got brave and I looked over the wall. Then it pounced at me. I was in total shock! I was very very,very,very scared. then we go back in side and I look out the window and all the birds were eating the left over’s!