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Who's At The Door

By: Kyle K.
Arizona, Age 9

One murky night, it was the night before Halloween. My dad went to Fry’s , or that was what I thought. Suddenly the door bell rang. I saw a maroon eye glowing in the night.
My bones tingled and my spine shivered. I wanted to scream. I couldn’t, wouldn’t , I shouldn’t. I knew it was no use. I was in for it. Suddenly the door opened. I saw a white light. BAM, BANG, BAM! What was that! Was it a gun blast? I am okay though. What happened? Who’s at the door? Am I dead? Am I alive? All these thoughts were in my head. Kyle! Someone yelled!

Hugh. Who was this? It was dad. I hugged him. He didn’t ask me why. I never told him why. He still doesn’t know what happened that night and as far as I know he never know about that murky night.