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My Scary Moment

By: Krystin V.
Arizona, Age 9

“Oh no, ahahah!” One night my sister was at basketball practice and it was just my mom and dad and also me. We decided to eat burgers outside. They were really good, too. The big thing is, after I ate I went to our backyard to play pirate . I heard a rattle by the teeter totter. It sounded like a snake.’’ Oh no!!!’’ I screamed.
I looked down and saw a rattle snake. I was really scared. So I ran to my mom and dad and told them what happened. My mom wanted to call the fire department, but instead my dad killed it with a shovel. My dad sliced its head off and cut it in two pieces. It was gross!!! But awesome.
When the snake was in two pieces, we put it into the garbage. Then my sister came home. I told her that I wrestled a king snake. She said that would be amazing, but she didn’t believe me. So I told her the real snake story. She went to the garbage and saw the still moving snake pieces. My sister freaked out! She ran while screaming. I just laughed so hard.