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The BIG Problem

By: Caeleigh F.
Arizona, Age 9

It was Tuesday when my brother and sister and I were all at school and my mom was a taking a nap on the couch like she always did at 12:00 when all of a sudden my mom my mom woke up to such a clutter.
She hurried and opened up the door to a bunch of workers across the street. Before my mom could go back inside to take a longer nap Kona (my dog) rushed outside and started to smell all the workers and none of them smelt familiar so without even giving a signal like barking she opened her wide wet jaws and bit a worker! Blood gushed everywhere. My mom was speechless. She quick ran outside and grab Kona and threw her outback. She went outside to apologize.
Just then we arrived home and climbed the fence so clearly we didnít see anything. We walked inside and turn on the T.V. We all sat down on the couch like robots and waited for our mom. She finally walked in 5 minutes later. She sat us down and told us what happened and now I know.