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By: Pablo A.
Arizona, Age 9

“Ding Dong” Crash! Samson my dog crashes every time somebody knocks or rings the door bell. Sometimes my dog Samson is such a big pain, but not all the time. It is actually kind of funny when Samson crashes into the door. Although I think it is kind of mean and could really hurt him. After a little while I found out that it does not hurt him at all, it’s weird but it is true.

Whenever my friends come over to play with me, Samson will crash right in to the door. They get kind of scared to come in the house because they think Samson will kill them. He actually is a friendly dog, but people are scared of him because he is so big. I’m not scared of him at all not even when he is charges right at me when I am playing with him.

There are only a couple of my friends that really like Samson, and are not scared of him. So whenever they come over, we play rodeo or football with Samson. Samson actually enjoys playing with us. The only friends that are not scared of Samson are Anthony, Alex, Christian, and Noah. They all like him just as much as me!