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A Trip to Seattle

By: Andria R.
Pennsylvania, Age 9

Have you ever been across the country before? I have! I went to Seattle, Washington. Here’s the story.
Today is the day I go to Seattle. “We’re here,” my mom said. Finally we arrived at my aunt’s house. I was so excited to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins. To my surprise they just got a puppy and named him Oliver. That night we were really busy. We went to the fish market and saw them throwing fish! It stunk like fish too.
The next day we relaxed and watched movies. Then we went to my uncle’s fire department. We saw big, red fire trucks. That night we went to Grant’s, where my cousin Britt works, so she served us.
The next morning, we woke up and took Oliver to doggy training. He did well with the “leave it” command. When we got back we played basketball in my aunt’s backyard. That night we could see Mount St. Helen’s from my aunt’s backyard. It was tough to see it for a long time because the clouds keep moving. I wanted a closer look!
The eighth day we relaxed and played games and went to Clam Jumpers. I ate pizza and my family had a big buffet of food to eat. When we got home from Clam Jumpers, we saw that Oliver ripped up his piddle pad. We had to clean it up. We think he did it because he missed us.
It was time to go home. Even though I would miss my cousins, I still couldn’t wait to see my dog and friends. I wanted to tell everyone about my exciting trip. I hope I can visit Seattle again soon!