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A Trip Back Home

By: Samantha C.
Pennsylvania, Age 9

Have you ever lived somewhere when you were younger but not remember and then visit there again? I did once. I was 6 when I visited again!
First, my parents and I had to pack. We were going to Florida. We had to take my pets to the kennel.
Next, we had to drive and stay at two hotels! It took a LONG time to get there. We were in the car for almost three days.
Then, I saw my Grandparents and I was so excited! I even met their new puppy and her old cats. I saw my great-grandmother too!
They took me to the beach while my parents were at a reunion. While I was there, my grandma gave me a piece of coral she found. I still have it. It was white, small, and bumpy.
And then finally, we drove home and we went to get my pets out of the kennel the next morning. I loved the trip! It was special because not everyone gets to go to the beach every day for a week with their family.