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By: Megan S.
Pennsylvania, Age 9

Have you ever been in a stadium suite? I have and it was when the Pirates were playing at PNC PARK. I was in my lucky suite,suite 9.
Our suite had two TVs, a couch, newspaper, and a lot of seats outside. There was a sliding door and a regular door too.
And hereís the good thing, when itís raining outside you will never get wet. Thereís a roof over the suite to keep the rain out.
Also at PNC PARK there was a wheel to spin and win prizes. My dad said I could spin it and I did. I got my dad the hardest thing to win. It was a blue hat with a big white capital G sewn on it. My dad was so happy that I won him that!
We went to the concession stand and got food. Then we went in our suite and got to relax. When the game was done, the Pirates had won the game!