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A present for dad

By: Roseisa W.
Massachusetts, Age 8

Once there was a bunny named Maxy she was looking for something for her dad's birthday. She went outside to find something to give to him she found a little blue bird blue bird asked what are you doing? I am looking for something to give to my dad for his birthday. Blue bird said I know someone who could take you to a place were you will find something to give to your dad.Then Maxy said were is that someone that can take me there then blue bird said it was robin red bird so then they set off to meet him when they met him robin asked Maxy would you like to ride on my back? Yes please said Maxy. He looked suspicious for Maxy but anyway she went with him.It was a little scary at first but the scenery was beautiful from the sky everything looked like tiny toys.When they arrived where they were going robin said this place is called teeny tiny village now you can find anything you want.The best place to look is Barnys backyard then he took off to the sky he never came back again so Maxy was alone and scared.She new she had to do something so she looked for good pieces to make a Biplane.In a week it was done and she also found a map then she accidentally forgot about her dad's present.Anyway her map led all the way to another island but it went right past her home so she went home safely on her Biplane but she didn't have any present for her dad.Then she thought and thought finally she got the answer.It was a book because her dad really likes books but it was not any book.She wrote about her adventure.Her dad really loved it.He said that was the best book he had ever read. THE END