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India dress

By: Vrushita T.
Canada, Age 8

One day it was summer vacation in 2010 me and my family and i where about to leave our home in fort mc murry and set to go to see my family in India . my big sister kirshna had flown all the way from thunder bay ontario me my mom and dad felt it was wrong to leave because my mom just wanted that year to be special but , it had been 7 years since we had gone to India and i was just about to turn 8 . but , because of the trip to india the questions that were spinning in my head 1] - when would we come back 2] - and will i have to celebrate my birthday in india or in fort mc murry . well i spent a few days traveling and first , we went to my cousin's house then to my other cousin's house then we went to visit to baby boys that were my niece then after 6 days my parents took me out and bought me a beautiful dress. then on august 24 th we went to go see the others again and then went to the air port and went to Edmonton and the my friend kirshna and her parents picked us up at the Edmonton air port and let us stay at there house for the night and then in the morning we set out and after 5 hours we where at home and then well that's all good by fans!!!