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A trip to the jungle

By: Sasha A.
India, Age 8

During my summer vacation, my parents and i received a sudden invitation to travel to a jungle from my uncle. We were supposed to travel there by car. The next day, after eating our breakfast, we set out for the long four-hour journey to the Sunderbans. As we entered the jungle,some peacocks gathered around us,spreading out their colorful tails as if to welcome us.First of all,we went for a ride in a boat down a river.The boatman warned us not to dip our hands into the water lest a crocodile make a snap at them!
Suddenly there was a flash of yellow.a royal bengal tiger stood before our eyes!I trembled with fear although it was standing at a safe distance.My uncle was busy clicking away at it with his camera.Further down the river,we saw several tigers.I was always keen on seeing them as they are the national animals of india.We also saw a python slithering between the tall tufts of grass.We saw different kinds of trees such as mangrove and aspen trees. We saw crocodiles basking in the sun while birds were chirping overhead. It was a truly spine-tingling and incredibly thrilling trip but for the next few days I had nightmares about tigers and snakes and woke up shuddering with fear.