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BFF concert

By: Maddie M.
Pennsylvania, Age 9

By Maddie
Have you ever been told you are going to your first concert on yours and your BFFs birthday? Our birthdays are 5 days apart. On June 10 it was my BFF Taylor’s birthday. We were listening to Justin bieber music when our moms said “we are going to the Justin bieber concert!”

We started rolling and screaming on the ground! We went straight up to her room trying to find something matching to wear. We said there was nothing! We decided to rearrange something some time and go shopping at a clothing store called Justice to buy something to wear when he came to Pittsburgh.

Four long months later, we continued to shop. The concert is January 26. At the store there was nothing but Justin bieber stuff! Our moms got mad because we grabbed everything that was JB. We decided on a black shirt with his face and signature on it. We saw one shirt that said bieber fever on the back he was crossing his eyes!

The whole way there we listened to Jb the whole way there. We got stuck in traffic for 2 hours. When we got there we both screamed SOOO loud HERE WE ARE!!!!!!!! I saw Justin taking pictures with one girl! But I was not positive.

The opening act was SEAN KINGSTON!! I screamed so loud I almost got sick! Here Jb comes he’s right around the curtain! The opening was awesome. He appeared on stage in as globe named after his My World CD. Then 2 hours later at 11:30 we almost fell asleep during the concert , Then baby came on! That was the best night of my life.