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Alright Break Winter Break

By: Kohei N.
New York, Age 8

In winter break, I did not go anywhere, any continents, and the universe way, of Milky Way, except East Elmhurst, Queens, New York of North America. On the first day, of winter break, I slept like a bear hibernating. I woke up by my two noisy brothers. My little brother plummeted on to Shuhei as like Kyohei was a submarine and Shuhei was the sea. However, I quickly went back to my deep slumber until Shuhei dragged me right out of bed. Oh no, it was already the evening and I had wasted one such great day., I cried. I decided to make a list of things to do for the rest of winter break.

On the following day, I stock on my schedule pretty well. I practiced ELA and Math state test in the morning. I played with my two brothers in afternoon. At night, I watched the winter Olympics. My favorite sport was ice skating because those athletes are very graceful and professional on the contest. However, I messed up my plan. When I woke up one morning, my brother looked at me weirdly. He told me my whole body was all bumpy like an alien. I looked in the mirror, and I saw a toad (the reflection of me). I was also itchy as a monkey trying to take out its fleas. I itched all day long and wished the itch that could fly away. I had been miserable a long time.

Ive been itching for a few days. Finally, it went away like dust blowing away from my body. I realized there were only two days left of the winter break. I decided to play Minecraft for the rest of this week, so I traveled to the digital world. As soon as I landed it, I got an anvil and upgraded my armor and sword. I was the ultimate awesome and cool. I got my pet dog and destroyed the wither boss. Then I sneaked the Nether and destroyed every ghost which shot fired ball but instead I shot fire arrows at them. For revenge, some with the blazes, I burned and killed wither skeletons and zombie pigman. I blew up the whole Nether fortress. I was like the most evil person in Minecraft world of Nether.

It was time to go to school again because it was the last day of winter break. Although I had some uncomfortable time, I still had some fun for the rest break. Now I was sure I prepared fully for school with a fresh mind after this long winter break.