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By: Billy Y.
Georgia, Age 9

BOOM!The bumpy ride along the beach and the rocks.Aruba the best place for an exotic person like you.

We just arrive and unpacked the weather was amazing the only thing left in our minds now was fun.It was about a 6 hour plane ride from Georgia to Aruba thew hotel we stayed in was Palm Beach Aruba.So we put on our swimming suits and jumped in the pool and the beach.I secretly made my mom buy me a chocolate milkshake.Once the others noticed we all got one.

The next day we went on the docks and waited for a boat to arrive.Once it did we hopped on the boat.We got into the middle of the ocean.The captain asked the people that wanted to snorkel.I raised my hand and i got ready.As soon as i jumped in.I started to shiver but i didn't care because of how cool it was to look at the fish.It was really deep the coral on the bottom that I never seen before.We went to three locations but I dived in all.

The last day our family went to a jeep ride it was crazy.We drove around the whole island.It was bumpy. We visited multiple places.We stopped at a place called the natural pool.It formed by itself.They have lots of different fish on there.We also went snorkel at a place called baby beach it's really clear every time I went to see fish it was really deep and fun.

That was my adventure to the exotic Aruba maybe yours can be better.