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A Midnight Story

By: Alison X.
Texas, Age 9

It was a dark night as I walked out the door. I saw the dark blue sky fill with diamonds as I sat down on a short sturdy tree stump. My legs ached. I saw the trees bow before me. Their hollows as deep as a black hole seemed to be screaming for me as their long skinny branches stretched for me. I collapsed in the middle of the lush green grass and found myself looking at my dead sister. ''My sister.... do not think it is your fault that I died.... Please..'' then the image vanished and it was replaced with a hooded figure. '' Well well my dear this night has been enough for you... Your sister is well in my hands in the underworld... do not fight for her..'' and the image vanished and I found myself breathing heavily,my golden heart locket in my hands trembling. ''no...'' I whispered '' no...'' The sky was still dark and the stars seemed to glare at me. The red-blood cloak was still on my shoulders waving as if saying good bye. '' do not worry..'' I muttered '' I will see you soon'' and I walked to the sandy beach and the water gulped me down, to the deep sea , I was never seen again....