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By: Audria G.
California, Age 9

My name is Audria and I am 9 years old,and I am a girl.I can taste nothing.I feel tired because I did not get any sleep last night I did not sleep very well.I can smell Beef,rice,and broccoli because my Dad just made that like right know/beef,rice,and broccoli.I am very fun and super nice because My friend when I was in kinder me and her and she taught to be nice, do really cool tricks on the monkey bars or just thee regular bars and now I teach everyone they teach the other people and it literately goes on and all forever and we get to do it together and it is really fun and sometimes we laugh and its just really fun! I have a lot of friends thats named Jessica , America RoseMary, Rosa , and last but not least my last friend Delia M =). Yea so those are all of my Amazing friends that I wanted to share. and I am going to have a Unicorn cake last year I did a Nightmare Before Christmas because I Lovvvveeee Nightmare Before Christmas. Yea so I am going to get a Unicorn cake that is going to be so so so amazing!I like Myself guys out there it dosent matter if your a girl or a boy you guys are so talented even if you and your brother or sister are not twins does not matter like I said you are Amazing and talented I'm telling you this story just for that so you can hear me type this in for you to read this paragraph so you guys can learn it does not matter if your different than someone else that does not matter one single bit you are perfect Just the way you are ok. I am different . If we were all the same that would be boring and no one would know who was who and it will be very very boring trust me!I want to let you guys know I am your friend even if you have a friend where ever you are I will always be there in your dreams! I hope you guys/friends love reading this and I will see you next time I write another writing ting so I hope we get face to face and meet each other and I will see you In my next thing ok bye believe in your dreams I will be there even if your old and you pass out believe in your dreams I will always be there for you even if your scared or something I will be there to help you with what ever you need just give me a call say 'hey Audria can you help me with something and I will help you ok I hope you like this and I will see you next time =)