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Here are all of the lessons and articles on fiction

Article/Lesson Title Issue Date
10th grade September 2003
Write A Great Opening September 2003
The Secret Life of Bees October 2003
Creating Characters October 2003
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress November/ December 2003
Creating Atmosphere November/ December 2003
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time January 2004
Life of Pi February 2004
LC Celebrates Black History Month February 2004
Write Revealing Dialogue February 2004
Pompeii March 2004
Getting the Symbols March 2004
Picture This: Inside the Graphic Novel May 2004
A Teenage Widow May 2004
Reading Between the Lines May 2004
Castling Bishop at the Shattered Hammer: Hanging out with an outsider September 2004
Story Time October 2004
The Kite Runner January 2005
Friday Night Lights February 2005
International Reality Consultants, Ltd. February 2005
My Sister's Keeper March 2005
Bury the Chains April 2005
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