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This poem was mainly an exercise in paying attention. The great Zen master and fly fisherman, Mr. Delp, always stressed in class to pay attention, not just to him or what he was teaching, but to the smallest of details in daily life. In doing this, your brain is never coasting and the world opens up to you in an unexplainable way. It's as if each moment or detail that would go unnoticed now belongs to you.

Editor’s Comments:
This poem effortlessly transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary through the alchemical power of words. Notice how numbers serve to heighten the reader’s awareness of each separate moment.

Glorious Things

by Christie Maurer
age: 18

A flight attendant in a stiff
blue uniform surrounded
by stacked wheelchairs—
a real bus for “special” people
glides down the terminal hall
with such ease no one takes notice
of the twenty wheels rolling
in unison.

In the waiting area of the mall
a muppet child, no more than 20 pounds
sits on her dad’s knee. Her tiny plastic
eyes stare forward, her doll-sized legs
hang limp. There is no flicker of life
in her rigid face and for a second
you think you’re staring at demon.

Picnic tables, prepared for winter,
lean against each other.
Soft mounds of snow rest
between the crevices like nests
in tree branches. In the park,
everyone forgets the tables
were ever there.

In a frozen pond, clear
enough to see the fish swim
below, beads of ice stick
to quivering fins and you wonder
how thick the layers are between
your worlds.

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