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Quote With Care

Quotes add other voices to your essay that can round-out and lend weight to your argument.

  1. Gather quotations that are relevant to your topic and support your side. Choose sources who know what they're talking about, and have credentials to back them up.
  2. Pick out the quotes and facts that deepen and enhance your essay. Leave out quotes that are bland or obvious.
  3. Outline your paper and make sure you provide a structure upon which your quotes can stand. That means:

    a) a sense of the quote's context and the source's authority
    b) an analysis of the quote and how it serves your argument
Example from Brian White's award-winning essay, "The Answer to Stress":

Brian effectively quotes credible sources to support his claim that food can help relieve stress:

"As Dr. Brunilda Nazzario wrote, 'Reaching for the cookie jar at the first sign of bad news may actually be healthy.' You see, eating calorie-rich food seems to calm our nerves."

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