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Giving Meaningful Feedback

Critique unto others as you would have them critique you. Get beyond surface corrections like spelling and grammar, to more fundamental issues like argument, structure, and voice. Here are some tips for giving a helpful and well thought-out response.

  1. Listen: If it's not too long, read the essay aloud. Circle any parts that sound awkward.

  2. Argument: Is the thesis clearly stated? Is it an opinion that matters?

  3. Development: Does the essay unfold and build in a logical way?

  4. Support: Is the argument bolstered by relevant facts, specific examples, and expert opinions?

  5. Interest: Does the piece feel lively? Compelling?

  6. Tone and Voice: Is the essay original? Does the style come across with confidence?

  7. Conclusion: Does the conclusion supply a satisfying last word? Does it capture what the essay was about?

  8. Format: Is the paper double-spaced? Is there a title? Are there page numbers? Did you document your sources correctly?

  9. Spelling: Are there any errors?

  10. Punctuation and Grammar: Do you see any mistakes?

  11. Finally, take a step back and ask: Are the author's intentions clear and fully-executed?

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