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12 Point Revision

There are many ways to revise a personal essay. This exercise will help you to approach your writing from several new perspectives.

Read through your essay twice. Then on a separate sheet of paper write 12 new points that directly address your topic. Each point must be from 2 to 7 sentences long.

When you're finished, re-read your essay and mark places where your new points might be inserted. Revise your essay to include as many new points as you see fit.

  • 1 of the points must be about an assumption you first held to be true, but during the process of writing learned was false.

  • 3 of the points must be quotations from other texts. Be sure to cite properly.

  • 1 of the points has to be about a saying or maxim that supports your thesis.

  • 1 of the points must be a personal narrative (first person anecdote or story).

  • 1 point has to be about how your thinking has changed regarding your topic.

  • 2 of the points have to be responses from peers, friends, or teachers (quoted or paraphrased).

  • 1 point can be a drawing, photograph, or cartoon.

  • 2 of the points have to be real world events that help illustrate your thesis.

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