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Teacer Center: Journalism
Help students sharpen their journalistic skills by guiding them through these writing activities.

Master Class: So You Want to Be a Journalist?
Help students focus on key writing skills with these interactive and printable exercises developed with examples from student writing and classic literature.

Student Author
Aaron Kiersh,
Age 16
Aaron Kiersh
  Nigel Jaquiss
Hear Aaron read an excerpt from his award-winning piece “Two Heroes, One Common Dream,” in this interactive mini-lesson that focuses on the fundamentals of journalistic writing.
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  Extend this Master Class by studying So You Want to Be a Journalist? with Pulitzer Prize winner Nigel Jaquiss.
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Writing Process
Guest Teacher
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
Middle school teachers: Read “Journalism 101,” a guest teacher lesson by Jeff Young.

High school teachers:
Read “Back to Basics,” a guest teacher lesson by Jeff Young.
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Lessons from Literary Cavalcade

Use these resources from Scholastic’s Literary Cavalcade magazine to help your students write compelling short stories.

Here are some favorites:
Fast Food Nation (PDF)
Virtual High School: Does it make the grade? (PDF)
Good Writers Weren’t Born That Way (PDF)

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Idea Exchange

Access Strategies and Techniques From Master Writing Teachers

Talk strategies and techniques with your colleagues.

“As most of my students give little thought to the role the news media plays in our society, one of my early goals in teaching journalism is to get them to understand how an independent media is important in a democracy. They should know that one of the media’s major roles is as a watchdog that keeps the people informed.”
—Jeff Young, high school journalism teacher

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