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Publish your work, make it public, and let others enjoy what you’ve created! Scholastic Art & Writing Award-winner Olivia Murphy talks about the rewards that come from taking the risk of submitting a work for publication, "Getting published for the first time is... almost indescribable. Knowing that someone out there, anyone at all, wants to read your inner musings — it’s beyond happiness." Getting published can also help you with college and scholarship applications.

Ideas and Techniques

Plagiarism and Copyright
Make sure your work is truly your work before you hand it in or enter it in a contest.

The Plagiarism Problem (PDF)
Get informed with this article from Scholastic’s Scope Magazine.

Submit Your Work

Publish Your Work Online
Submit your work for consideration in Write It’s online anthology.

Submitting Your Work for Print Publication
Here’s a guide for serious writers who want to see their work in print!

Writing Contests and Publishing Opportunities
Make copies of your story and submit them for consideration to these nationally recognized competitions and publishers.

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