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Do You Enjoy Cliché?
This quick quiz will help you gauge how much you're prone to it.

1. When you get a birthday card that has a long poem printed on the inside of the card, do you tend to…
a. Read the poem
b. Skim the poem
c. Ignore the poem completely and go right for the handwritten part of the card or the cash tucked in

2. Cheesy love stories…

a. Get me every time
b. Can really move me depending on my mood
c. Always disgust me – can’t they write anything original?

3. If you were describing your favorite movies, you'd say…

a. I admit it – I don’t mind clichéd plots or characters. I go to the movies for fun. I might have seen the same basic plot before but there is more to a movie than the plot and characters. I want to be entertained.
b. I normally agree with the Academy Award nominations. Those are my favorite movies too.
c. I mostly watch movies that aren't mainstream and play in artsy movie theaters. I also enjoy foreign films.

4. In general, my favorite part of poetry is:
a. the rhyming
b. the flow
c. original imagery

Now, add up your points: a=10 points, b=5 points, c=1 point

**** Score Analysis ****

4-15 pts – You don’t need to worry about creating cliché in your work. You shy away from most clichés and normally even your first draft uses original imagery.

6 – 20 pts – Be cautious that you are using your own original ideas. Your first and second drafts might be full of clichés. While revising your poem, go through and identify the clichéd ideas. Change them to your own original work.

20+ pts – You are a cliché lover! The first draft might have some cool sound devices and rhyme, but the ideas and imagery might not be in your unique voice. Go through your first draft carefully. What works in terms of sound and rhyme? What ideas are your own? Which things have you heard before (two hearts beat as one, love is a four letter word, you are my sunshine, etc)?

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