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Giving Meaningful Feedback
When it's time to respond to your peers' work, do you get lost as to where you should start? Do you tend to see spelling and grammar errors first and go straight for those? This checklist will guide you in giving feedback that will help fellow writers improve their work.
1. If it's not too long, read the piece aloud.

2. Meaning matters most: Let the author know what you got out of it. Does the author convey feeling and meaning throughout the piece?

3. Examples and Imagery: What sticks in your mind? Do the examples support the theme? Are they unique? Are the images appropriate for the speaker or topic of the piece? Is the language and phrasing memorable?

4. Interest: Does the piece hold your attention?

5. Development: Are the ideas well developed?

6. Originality: Does the genre and style suit the subject matter?

7. Tone and Voice: Are they original? Does the style come across with confidence?

8. Sound: Is the language and rhythm consistent? In a poem, does it look like the poet is using a certain meter? Do all of the words sound right?

9. Word Choice: Is it deliberate? Does it work with the content? Are the verbs powerful? In a poem, are there extra words that don't add to its meaning or sound?

10. Format: How does the work look on the page?

11. Spelling: Are there any errors?

12. Punctuation: Are there any grammar mistakes that   do not appear to be intentional?

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