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Big People Little World
By Cale B.
age: 12

For Matt Roloff, things have never gone his way, except for having a television show called Little People Big World. He has a good job and a loving family except, unfortunately, he was born with a type of dwarfism. He is not very tall and people very often make fun of him. He is a good man that visits schools to help teach the children about dwarfism. If he had a choice, he would be normal height, but he doesn't see his disease as a set-back in life.

It was Monday morning and Matt had to go to work after a long weekend. He was driving along the highway and finally got to his work.

“Hey Matt,” said an employee at Matt's work.

“ Hey, good morning,” said Matt.

Matt got out of work at five o'clock sharp. He was going to a local elementary school to speak about dwarfism. He gave about a fifteen-minute-long speech and then signed autographs for all the children that wanted them. It was dark and Matt was walking back to his car when a strange dark figure said something to him.

“ Hey that was a touching speech you just gave.”

“Thanks,” said Matt, trying to get into his car.

“Have you ever thought about gaining a foot or two to your height?” the figure asked.

“Is that an insult?” asked Matt.

“No, no, of course not, I could help you out.”

“Really, how is that?” Matt asked.

“Follow me home,” said the figure.

Matt followed the man to a creepy old house. He got out of his Ford truck and went inside the spooky house. “Hello, where are you?” yelled Matt.

The man came out and strapped Matt to the chair and injected him with the serum. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!” Matt Roloff was in excruciating pain.

Then, something happened. He started growing rapidly. In two minutes in he was nine feet tall. After about five minutes he was all the way through the roof. At the end of the growing stage, he had to have been at least seventy-five feet tall. The man that had gave him the serum happened to be Carrot Top.

“Muhahhhahaha muahahahhaahahah!!!!!” Carrot Top cried with a crazy laugh.

Matt felt great, he finally knew what it felt like to be tall. But it was time for payback to all the people who ever made fun of him or teased him about being a dwarf. “Crush, Crish” all the buildings in his path got demolished. Matt was crushing everything in sight and about two hours later, most all the city was ruined. Matt hated what he had become so he was going to get back at the man who had put too much of the serum in the needle, Carrot Top!

Matt swooped up Carrot Top in one hand and ran forever. He was a wanted man so he ran all the way from San Diego to New York City.

When he got to New York City he climbed up the Empire State Building still with Carrot Top in his arms. After a while, military planes were going to shoot down Matt from the building because they thought that he was a threat and they didn't care if Carrot Top got hurt because he's not funny. The military asked Matt to come down, but he wouldn't. The planes started shooting and Matt had started taking the planes and throwing them and smashing them.

Matt couldn't take it much longer, then he dropped. He fell all the way to the sewers, smashing the road, and a mad killer that happened to be Bob Saget.

“The planes killed Matt Roloff!” said a bystander.

A man walked up and said, “It wasn't the planes that that killed the beast, it was beauty that killed the beast.''

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