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Censorship Persuasive
By Brittani M.
age: 13

You decide to place bans upon explicit books in public libraries, and obviously do not comprehend the consequences, and quarrels that this careless decision could arise. Is this truly the land of the free, or just some diminutive society embarked on a mission to null the human race? Evidently, I am one to oppose the ideals of censorship, especially while itís concerning literature.

Primarily, I go up against restriction of publicís access to so-called vile content of prose, and this is because the youth of this generation, such as myself are already quite absent-minded as it is. Do we truly need elders stripping us of our remaining imaginations, and abilities to learn? I think not! Some say it is far too intense for us juveniles. I tell you to walk down a deserted alleyway, or upon a heavily populated cityís streets. You then tell me whatís worse than seeing prostitution, scandal, violence, and drugs in real life, especially when children view these sorts of scenarios almost daily? Certainly not mere ink and paper.

Yet another set of reasoning for my opposition on this topic are the amendments, and constitutional rights given to each individual of this country. In this case, it would be exploiting the authorís freedom of speech. If they desire to inscribe their opinions, ideas, and pure imaginations into text, and allow others to read it, then they should be able to do so without ending up in a brawl. If you were a skillful novelist or poet and one of your pieces that you were quite proud of, and you had slaved over for months upon months had finally been published and printed, and then it were banned from all public access, how would you feel? Probably exiled, degraded, and overlooked, despite your obvious talent.

Lastly, if children do not widen their ranks of intelligence while theyíre still adolescents and capable of doing it, they may never stumble upon the opportunity, thusly converting the future generations of the human race as we know it into a worthless, dull, and dumbfounded cluster of meaningless beings. This may seem like somewhat of an exaggeration, though if censorship were permitted to go far enough, then these penalties may be permitted to prance along. Iím almost positive that no one in their right mind would wish this upon the human race, nor would many tolerate it to happen. And you may say that there are several other things that could cause this to be shunned upon our race. I say, then we should obliterate suppression off the agenda entirely, and work on the many other, more significant dilemmas in its place.

Hopefully, this has at least caused you to think twice on censorship in public libraries, or perhaps change your views towards it entirely. Whatever the case, I know you wouldnít wish nonresistance or at least pointless existence upon mankind, therefore will aid to minimize the intensity of censorship or even demolish it completely. Just think about it, is this truly the land of the free?
Brittani M on writing:
School assignment.

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