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Predator: The Rebellion
By Joshua B.
age: 13
South Carolina

It was the year 2008, the year I was to turn fourteen. It was in the month of April when the Predators landed in our small town. But they messed with the wrong planet and they messed with my town! This is my account of what happened in the past few days.

''Hey, wake up!'' my mom called to me.

I was still asleep, at approximently 6:30 in the morning, or 630 hrs military time. I got up, went to the bathroom and got dressed. I brushed my hair while I was at it too. After this, I ate my breakfast, consisting of pancakes. Boy, were those pancakes good!

Then we were off to school. While on the way, I spotted a strange light in the sky. Little did I suspect that a new nightmare was about to begin. Because the strange light I saw was a Predator spaceship.

When I arrived at school, I noticed the light was getting closer every second. Before long, a shadow, a very LONG shadow was on top of me.

I then ran for it. I ran into the safety of the gym. Then a very loud sound was heard. It sounded like a loud roar. The students inside the gym also heard it. They all screamed. I stopped. The noise then stopped. I looked outside the door. I heard footsteps coming. I then ran to hide, while peeking around the corner. The door was then busted down. I thought, 'It's them.' I looked, and saw the most amazing sight of my life.

To be continued...

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