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The Queen of Spain
By Cuauhtemoc Z.
age: 18

Nathalie is a tall, young girl with beautiful blue eyes, who was born in the Czech Republic in a small town called Vvsoky Ujedz. She is kind and a very respectable person to everyone. Nathalie’s family was one of the few rich families in that country. Nathalie had a beautiful and joyful life in that small town where she lived. She had many friends there and she always hung out with them.

That happiness ended when one day, all her family went out to a fancy dinner and on their way back, they had a drastic accident and both of her parents lost their lives. All of this happened because of a big brown deer that crashed into their car.

The only family she had left were her Aunt Judy and her cousin, Isabella, who lived in Spain. Since she was only seventeen- years-old, she had to go live with her aunt and grandmother in Spain. All her father's fortune went to her aunt Judy because Nathalie was under-age and she couldn’t take care of all that money she had earned.

Her aunt was one of the richest people in Madrid, Spain. Her aunt was also one of the greediest people that could ever exist in Spain. For that reason she decided to keep all of Nathalie’s fortune and not give even a cent to her. While time passed, her aunt Judy and her cousin Isabella would treat her really terribly and would humiliate her every time they wanted because she had no one to defend her and speak out for her. They made her clean the house every day and serve them their meal and everything they needed. One day, Nathalie spoke out for herself and decided to ask her aunt.

“Aunt, I would really love to go to school. I would like to learn Spanish and get to know other people, I want to make friends like Isabella.”

“What! Are you feeling okay Nathalie? What makes you think that you can go to school when you don’t know a word of Spanish!” Aunt responded.

“Please Aunt Judy, please let me prove to you that I can learn and be a better person like you and Isabella!” Nathalie whispered.

“Are you insane? Don’t ever compare yourself with me or your beautiful cousin Isabella. You will never become a well known lady like we are,” Aunt Judy screamed.

“Please, Aunt Judy, that’s the only thing I’m going to ask from you, give me a chance please!” Nathalie cried.

“Okay okay, I will think about it. Now go away and finish your chores or you’re not getting any dinner today! Leave!!” Aunt Judy shouted.

A week later, Nathalie started school. Everyone made fun of her because of the way she dressed and the way she spoke Spanish. She felt really bad because everyone treated her differently and was mean to her.

“I would love my parents to be alive and here with me, so that I could live a normal life like the other kids do,” Nathalie whispered to herself.

Nathalie studied hard every day in her room so she could improve her Spanish. After six months, Nathalie could communicate with other people in Spanish. She didn’t have any friends because nobody liked the clothing she wore. The next day, all the girls from school were writing their names on a large poster that inviteed all the young girls to a ceremony, where the prince would choose the future Queen of Spain.

Nathalie went to put her name on the list, but her dreadful cousin exclaimed, “Are you insane, do you really think the Prince of Spain would choose you to be his queen?”

Hurt by Isabella’s words, Nathalie walked away in tears. Days passed and every single girl was getting ready for the ball. Nathalie decided not to go because her cousin Isabella humiliated her. She was getting all of Isabella’s clothes and jewelry ready so that they wouldn’t get mad at her.

“The limousine is ready my lovely daughter, come downstairs,” said Aunt Judy.

“I am going!” Isabella screamed.

Before Isabella and her mother walked out of their house, they decided to lock Nathalie in her room so that she wouldn’t be able to sneak out. They left Nathalie crying in her room. Later on, Nathalie’s fairy-godmother appeared and saw Nathalie in tears.

“What’s wrong my darling? Why are you in tears?” the fairy-godmother asked.

“Oh, I can’t believe they did this to me, they locked me up so that I wouldn’t go to the ball!” Nathalie cried.

“Do you really want to go to that dance, my doll?” the fairy-godmother asked.

“Yes Godmother, I really do want to go to that dance, I really do!” Nathalie said.

“O.K. my darling. Close your eyes and count to ten and a miracle will happen,” the fairy-godmother expressed.

Although Nathalie had no dress to wear and no jewelry, when she completed counting to ten, a big miracle happened. The fairy-godmother transformed her into the most beautiful girl in Europe. She made her a gold dress with a nickel that has a lot of diamantes, also her shoes were made of gold.

“But remember one thing, Nathalie. You have to be at home before midnight because the miracle is going to disappear,” said the fairy-godmother.

“Okay Godmother, I will be back before midnight,” said Nathalie.

The fairy godmother gave her a Bentley limousine that was the most expensive car in Madrid. This limousine has a sunroof and also has a big audio system, where she listened to her favorite music on the way to the ball.

When Nathalie was at the ball everyone looked at her, especially the prince.

“Would you like to dance with me?” the prince asked.

“Yes, of course, I would love to dance with you,” Nathalie moaned.

They were dancing all night and the prince refused to dance with the others girls. “You are the most beautiful girl that I ever saw in my life,” the prince exclaimed.

Nathalie was so thrilled that she forgot to be at home before midnight. Nathalie started running outside of the ball, but half of her nickels with her name fell down and she couldn’t get them.

Time passed and the prince was looking for everyone with the name Nathalie in all the schools of Madrid. He went to all the schools to find her, but nobody believed that Nathalie was the beautiful girl who was dancing with the prince of Spain.

She went home, but she didn’t notice the prince was following her. When Nathalie went into her house, the prince knocked on the door many times.

“Who is this?” Aunt Judy asked.

“The Prince of Spain and I am here looking for the love of my life,” the prince expressed.

Aunt Judy was very surprised because she was thinking that the prince was looking for her daughter, Isabella.

“Come in, my daughter will be ready in just a second,” Aunt Judy said.

Isabella went down to the living room and hugged the prince.

“Who are you? You aren’t the beautiful girl that I was dancing with!” Prince shouted.

Then Nathalie came out of her room and the prince recognized her.

Finally, the prince put Nathalie in the limousine and took her with him and made her the Queen of Spain. They lived happily ever after and the prince sent Aunt Judy and Isabella to a camp where they had to work for the rest of their lives for not treating Nathalie the way they should have.

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