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Cinderella Version 08
By Evelyn J.
age: 16

Once upon time there was little girl called Nora and her dad, Andrew. They lived by themselves because Noraís mom died. Andrew was a very rich man with a lot of business. Nora was a very spoiled girl. She was a very smart girl and also beautiful. She loved her dad with all her heart. Andrew always tried to give her the best education and the best morals. But, like in other stories, something always has to go wrong.

One morning, when Andrew wasn't feeling good, he decided not to tell Nora. During breakfast, Nora noticed that something was wrong with her dad. She asked her dad, ''Daddy whatís wrong with you?''

He responded, ''Nothing, sweetheart.''

Nora told him that he better not ignore that pain. She also told him that he had to go to a doctor. Nora told her servant to call their doctor and to make an appointment for her dad today; her servant said, ďOK.''

Andrew didn't want to go the doctor although Nora told him that she was going to go with him. Andrew decided to go.

Nora and her dad drove to the doctorís office. When they got there, they told the doctor what was going on. The doctor said that they had do some analysis to check that everything was fine with Andrew. While Andrew and Nora were waiting for the analysis, they decided to go eat out.

They went to the Olive Garden. They were talking and Nora told her dad, '' You know what dad? You are the best dad I could ever ask for.''

Andrew smiled at her and he told her, ''Nora I want you to promise me something.''

Nora responded, ''Yeah, whatever you want'.''

Then Andrew told her, ''Promise me that you are never going to forget about me. Also remember that when you look at the stars and the moon Iím going to be thinking about you and protecting you.''

Nora then asked her dad, ''Why are you talking like that? You sound like we are never going to see each other again.''

Andrew said, ĒWe are always going to be together because you are part of my heart and Iím part of your heart too.'' They both got up and they hugged each other.

They drove back to the doctorís office. They both went into the doctorís office but the doctor told Andrew, ďI need to talk to you privately.'' Nora got out of the office and she waited outside.

ďWhat is going on?'' Andrew asked the doctor.

''You have cancer and you only have a few days left to live.''

Andrew was in shock. Andrew got out of the office.

''So, Dad, what did the doctor say?'' Nora asked him.

''Nothing,'' he said. ďI am fine,'' Andrew responded. Andrew told Nora on their way home, ''You know what? I was thinking...hmm I think you need a mom and some sisters. Donít you think?Ē

Nora was like, ''Actually, Iím O.K., but if you want someone in your life, I accept it.''

Andrew right away looked for a wife. He decided to look for a wife on Myspace. His profile said that he wanted a lady with two girls. He started talking with a lot of ladies over Myspace. Andrew was talking a lot with one lady and it looked like she was very interested in him.

He decided to have a date with her. Her name was Malena. On the very first day, he asked her to marry him. Obviously, Malena said yeah. Andrew got home and told Nora the good news. Malena and Andrew got married. The wedding was very elegant.

Malena was from Albania. Her twin daughters were born in Spain. Malenaís husband left her when she was six months pregnant. Then Malena started working in a bar. She was tired of working so hard for her daughters. However, she was a very selfless woman. Malena gave everything to her daughters. Her daughters thought they deserved everything.

Then Nora met her stepsisters. One was called Andi and the other one was Ericka. Andi had an ugly face, but a nice body and light brown hair with black eyes. She also was tall. Andi had very pale skin. Ericka had a nice face, but with an ugly body. She was very chubby. Her skin color was dark brown. She also was short. Ericka was a chibbychubby. Nora was pretty in every single way. Malena and her daughters moved in to live with Nora and Andrew.

The next day, Andrew suffered from a heart attack. Andrew went to the hospital right away. Nora got really sad, while her step-mom and her stepsisters didn't even care because they only were interesthed in the money. Nora asked everybody in the hospital how her dad was doing. She never got answer from anyone.

The next day, a doctor came up to her and told her that Andrew died. Nora started crying like crazy. She felt empty inside of her. She just couldn't believe it. While Nora was like a wailing woman, Malena, Andi and Ericka were happy because they got the money.

Four months later Malena started treating Nora really bad. Malena wasted all the money. They didnít even have money for the servant. Andi got Nora's car which was a Porsche. Ericka got Noraís dadís car--it was a BMW. Nora had to clean everything in the house. Now she wasnít spoiled. She slept in the basement. The basement was cold all the time. She only got a blanket to cover herself.

The two stepsisters were the same age as Nora. They went to the same high school. Noraís friend noticed that her family was treating her bad. Nora barely had any clothes to wear. Andy and Ericka told Nora that she wasn't allowed to talk to them during school because they would be embarrassed and it also would ruin their reputations. They never talked during school.

Nora always checked her Myspace every day. Her Myspace didnít have any pictures of her. She only used her Myspace just to talk to her friends. One day, she got a request from this person. It also didnít have a picture or anything about it. It only said that it was a male who went to the same school as her. She wondered who he was.

They started talking. They would also flirt with each other. They started having feelings for each other over Myspace.

The next day when Nora went to school, she saw a poster that said that homecoming was coming and her stepsisters saw the poster too. Nora wanted to go to homecoming, but she knew that her sisters were not going to let her go. She wanted to work so she could have money for her dress.

Nora asked, ''Can I go with you guys to the homecoming?''

''Why are you asking that? You know you canít go cause you have to be at home cleaning,'' her stepsisters told her. Nora told them that she really wanted to go, but she got rejected.

That day she went to check her Myspace. She saw that Jordan, the guy that she talked to over Myspace, told her that he wanted to meet her before homecoming so they could go to homecoming together. She replied to him that yeah, she would like to. They both agreed to meet in the art hallway. They were so excited that they forgot to ask each other their number and for something to recognize each other.

The next day, they both went to the art hallway. Nora only saw a bunch of people talking and she also saw the most popular guy at the end of the hallway, so for a minute she thought it could be him. But then she remembered what her sisters told her--that she was ugly. She just walked away, while Jordan was waiting for her trying to figure out who she was and what she looked like. They never did meet.

After school they both asked each other online if they met where they were supposed to meet. They decided they were going to meet at homecoming. Now they exchanged numbers, but the only condition that Nora gave was that he was not allowed to call her until the homecoming day. Jordan said, ''Agreed.''

The day came and Nora didn't have anything to wear. Her sisters got new dresses for homecoming. Her stepsisters left. Nora went to her room crying because she wasn't going to go and also she wasnít going to see her true love.

Then all of a sudden, she heard the air blowing opening the window. She went up to the window and looked out and she saw a man that looked like her dad in the garden. Then she ran to the garden. Nora saw her dad and she gave him a hug. She asked, ''What are you doing here? You are dead.''

He responded, ''Iím your godmanfairy.'' He asked her what was wrong and Nora explained to her dad what was going on. The dad gave her a beautiful white dress with Aldo's heels that were colored golden. Her dad also give her a Hummer limousine. He told her that she must return at 10:30pm. He also give her an extra thing. He gave her an Ipod. He told her that the Ipod would remind her to keep track of the time.

Nora left to homecoming. When she got in, all the eyes were on her. When Jordan saw her, he didn't even call her. He knew right away that it was her.

Jordan went up to her. Nobody could believe that Nora looked so beautiful. Jordan asked her if he could hold her hand and they both started dancing a love song called ''With You'' by Chris Brown. They couldnít stop looking in each otherís eyes. They both smiled at each other. They were about to kiss and her Ipod reminded her that she had to go.

Nora ran and the Ipod fell. Jordan followed her but he couldn't reach her, but he did pick up the Ipod. Nora ran to the limousine and went home. The stepsisters tried to follow her to see who she was. They didnít find out.

Next, Jordan checked her Myspace and tried to write Nora a message. Noraís Myspace account was cancelled and her cell phone didnít work anymore. The only thing he had of her was her Ipod.

Nora could not believe that her Prince Charming was the most popular guy in her school. Then Jordan told his friend about Nora. They told him to put a poster of the Ipod and ask to whom it belongs. Obviously, they were not going to let go of an Ipod. The Ipod that Nora had was unique, it was gray and small and it had 160GB. At school, there was a place were you put your name if you lost an Ipod. Then, Nora went to write her name there and she put that she lost her Ipod.

There is something that I forgot to mention, Jordan didnít know Noraís name. Jordan went to the office and checked the list of items lost. Jordan looked for every single girl that said that she lost her Ipod. Some of the girls said, ďThatís my Ipod and Iím your princess.'' Jordan knew it wasnít true.

Nora was the last one to put her name on the list. At the end of day, they called Nora to the office. Jordan was waiting for her at the office. Nora entered very quietly. She didnít know what was going on.

She went in and then they both made eye contact with each other. Nora felt butterflies in her stomach. Jordanís heart was beating so fast. He told Nora, ďI think this belongs to you.Ē

Nora answered very shyly, ''Yes, it is mine.'' Then she grabbed the Ipod and left running.

Next, Jordan ran to catch her and he told her, ďThis time you are not running away from me.Ē He held her and gave her a kiss.

They went out for a long time. They got married.

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