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Cinderella Story
By Erika N.
age: 15

A long time ago there was a girl named Isabella. She was considered The Princess from England because she was so beautiful that every single guy wanted to date her. She lived with her sister named Ariana and her dad. She didn’t have a mother because she died when she was two years old; that’s why many people said she was a bad person.

They lived in a huge house. They were the only ones that lived in a house like that. It was a three-story house and it had eight bathrooms and five bedrooms on every single floor. There were also two kitchens per floor.

One day the family was invited to go to a dance honoring The Princess. The dance was an important event to all the people that lived there. Almost everyone went to that event and the ones that didn’t go would ask for all the information about the party.

The land was a huge place-- it was part of the land that Princess Isabella had. It was her land, but she didn’t do anything on it. Others that lived in England prepared everything. It was all decorated to honor Princess Isabella for all her hard work. The place was decorated with big balloons; there was also a tasty cake at the party. The cake was so huge they gave every single person a piece of cake and if there was some left-over cake, the Princess said to give it away to the people that didn’t go. Princess Isabella sent a piece of cake to their houses.The princess was recognized for being a nice person.

On the big day everybody started to arrive to the party. The tradition was that the Princess should be the last one to arrive with her whole family. So, while everyone was arriving to the party, Princess Isabella was getting ready with her sister Ariana and their dad.

Isabella was nervous because she didn’t really know who was going to be there and she was supposed to start looking for her future husband.

Her sister went to Isabella’s room and told her, “Don’t start to feel so important because you are not going to find a date. I want you to remember that all the dates you get will forget about you and start to date me,” believed Ariana.

“I know that I have to start looking for a date, but I don’t know why you always have to date the guys that start to date me. Can you tell me why you do that?” asked Isabella.

“You know what? I don’t really know why you care because you don’t even like the guys that like you,” said Ariana.

“Just remember today at the dance that they are going to honor me. I’m going to start looking for my future husband and this time I’m not going to let you get in my way. Remember what I just told you,” exclaimed Isabella.

“You know what, just forget about everything,” demanded Ariana.

Time passed and Isabella and Ariana got nervous. Her dad was not nervous because he was sure that everything was going to go all right.

Eventually, the Princess arrived to the party. She arrived there with her pumpkin carriage pulled by horses. Finally the Princess got there and everyone was cheering for her.

She wore a blue dress that she made by han; it was beautiful and made for her. She got there with her whole family-- her sister Ariana and her father. Her sister, Ariana, was wearing a pink dress that she went to buy in the biggest store in England, where only important people could go. There the things are really expensive. Their father and all the guests were wearing perfect outfits made for that occasion.

They arrived at the party and everybody was already prepared to honor Princess Isabella. First, she checked who was there and greeted the guests. After that she went to eat some pasta and chicken.

All the people said that the party was going great. After time passed, they started to honor the Princess by giving her a prize for all the good things that she had done. She was nice to many people and she did not care if they were poor or rich.

She said, “ Everyone is supposed to be treated the same because we are all humans.”

While everyone was having fun, Isabella was looking for her date and Ariana was only watching where her sister went. After time passed, Isabella knew everyone who was there except one guy that was new. She thought he was cute.

Suddenly the guy came to Isabella and told her, “Congratulations on the present that you received.”

“Thank you, but can you tell me who you are?” said Isabella.

“I was thinking that you were not going to recognize me. I’m the nephew of the most important person in Spain. I noticed that they were going to honor you and I decided to come to meet you. Like many said, you are pretty. I just came to confirm that and you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. It is true what everyone says,” said the gentleman.

“Thank you for all the nice things you said. It is a pleasure to meet you. If you want, I could present you to all the people that I know. Just come with me,” said Isabella.

“Don’t worry about not knowing anybody. Everything will be alright,” said the guy.

“What’s your name?” asked Isabella.

“My name is Orlando.” he said.

“So now that you know my name, I want to go on a date with you ” said Isabella.

“Since the moment I saw you, I couldn’t stop thinking of you. If you don’t want to go on a date with me, just tell me and don’t worry,” Orlando held.

“But wait I never said that I don’t want to go on a date with you. Of course I want to go on a date with you because you are nice and you are a gentleman. That’s what I think, but I have to prove it and then I could tell everyone that you are the nicest guy that I have ever known,” Isabella met.

“So wait, after a nice conversation, it is time that you go present me to all of the important people and to your family because I’m going to go on a date with you. You never know, after a date many things can happen,” Orlando supposed.

“You know what? Let’s start presenting you to everyone,” Isabella assumed.

After a long conversation, they stopped talking because time was passing and Isabella had to be in her room before 12:00a.m. If she was not there at that time, people would talk about her. While everyone was having fun, Isabella was presenting Orlando to many people there and they were having a pleasant time.

While everyone was having a nice time, Ariana was planning what she was going to do with the guy that she saw with her sister, because like always, she had to know what Isabella was planning to do with the guy. After a moment passed, Ariana went to meet Orlando because she saw that he was communicating with her sister. Isabella presented Orlando to all the people and it was time to leave. At the moment that she was about to leave, she forgot her purse on the table.

Orlando knew that his date with Isabella was going to be the next day so he got ready and went to Isabella’s house the next day. She was all prepared to go with him on a date. He took her purse with him and gave it to her when he went to pick her up.

Their date was all right. They went to the park and the weather outside was pretty nice. They took some food to eat and had a good time. He asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes.
v After that her sister knew that she was already going out with him. She got really mad because she could not believe that everything had come out wrong. Ariana went to their dad and told him that Isabella was going on a date with Orlando but their dad was not surprised because after all, the good ways they have get along. So even though Ariana was so mad, Isabella ignored her.

In the end they were happy and they got married. Like a nice couple, they never had problems.

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