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Aamir Khan
By Shani R.
age: 18

In the beautiful Mumbai city, there was a happy family, which was a lovely couple and their handsome son, Aamir Khan. When Aamir was 18-years-old, both of his parents passed away because of a poisonous plague. Well, the government helped Aamir and he got his college education. After he lost his parents, only a few friends were Aamir’s relatives.

Aamir worked in a call center and he was a speaker there. Aamir liked to be a nuisance a lot with his friends. Aamir got married to a beautiful girl named Kalian on his twenty-third birthday. Their first meeting was pretty fascinating.

Last summer, Aamir and his friends went to Singapore for a vacation on a cruise ship. The cruise ship's name was King Singapore. The cruise ship was elephantine and lofty with a beautiful dock. Everybody was perky and enjoying the first day on the cruise. The weather was also sunny and luminous. The cruise-manager introduced everybody and gave information about the cruise.

On the first night, the cruise manager declared that there would be a big party after two days on the cruise. After hearing this, everybody got excited because they got the chance to impress each other by dancing and singing.

But one of Aamir’s greedy friends, Kaplan, was envious of him, because Aamir was handsome and a charming singer. Aamir could attract other people by his mild voice. To stop him from going to the party, Kaplan made a plan to steal Aamir’s party suit and shoes that he was going to wear in the party.

The night when Aamir went out to the dock to watch the dimpling water and the beautiful view of the full moon, Kaplan stole his suit and shoes from his room. When Aamir returned to the room, he found everything messed up. He also informed the cruise manager, but he couldn’t find where the clothes went. Kaplan threw them in the deep ocean water, so nobody could find out.

Aamir told his best friend Majnu about this incident. Aamir cried to Majnu, “Please, can you help me find my lost clothes?”

“Yeah sure,” said Majnu, without any doubt.

Aamir replied, “Thank you.”

Then both of them went to ask some neighbors. Everybody refused and said that they didn’t know anything about this incident. They even asked Kaplan who did this all. He said he didn’t know anything and he even wouldn’t offer to help his friend Aamir.

Finally, they found one neighbor who was not attending the party, so they went to his room and begged him to borrow his suit for just one night, but the greedy neighbor refused. This time Aamir was really upset. Suddenly, Majnu figured out a plan to steal it from that greedy neighbor.

At night, when he was outside, they snuck inside the room and stole the suit. After that, they just put an old suit over there so he could not find out. They put everything back as it was.

Then Aamir said to Majnu, “Thanks, brother, for helping me.”

Majnu said politely, “I am not your friend if I can’t help you to solve your problems.”

Then both of them gossiped till late at night. When they woke up, they found themselves on the balcony on the dock.

Then, Aamir went to get everything ready for the next party. He was so excited and nervous too. He was nervous because he couldn’t find out why someone stole his suit.

He was so hungry, so he went to have a delicious breakfast after taking a long, hot shower. When he was drinking hot chocolate, he saw a beautiful lady at the table in front of him. Aamir decided to impress her at the party.

When Aamir went to his room, he was thinking of a way to impress her. Finally, he decided to sing a song and to dance at the party. After that, he searched for a romantic song on the Internet. He found one called, ''The Last Time We Met''. Aamir tried to hum the melody the whole day and also learned to dance to that song. Aamir went to sleep after having a late dinner.

The next day, everybody was excited on the cruise because of the party. Aamir went to Majnu’s room to tell him that he would sing a song at the party. Aamir also talked to him about the girl that he saw in the café.

Aamir shouted to Majnu, “You are not ready yet!”

Majnu replied, “I am feeling sleepy, so I can’t come.”

Aamir said, “Oh, you must come because I am also singing a song.”

Majnu asked, “Why do you want to sing a song?”

“I want to impress a girl who I really like.”

Majnu asked, “What’s her name?”

Aamir replied, “I don’t know her, but I just saw her yesterday in the café and she is so beautiful.”

Majnu said, “Please, wait outside, I will be ready in a few minutes.”

“All right, hurry up,” said Aamir.

Then, after Majnu got ready, both went to the hall where the party was taking place. As Aamir entered, Kaplan was shocked; Kaplan was the one who stole Aamir’s suit.

Aamir announced his song and began to sing a song after everybody had dinner. The song surprised everyone. It was so lovely. Aamir also attracted that girl that he liked.

After this event, Aamir returned home, but he forgot his Ipod at the party. Finally, that girl found it and tried to find the owner of the Ipod. She saw pictures of Aamir in it. She was so glad because she also wanted to impress Aamir.

The next morning, she went to Aamir’s room and returned his precious Ipod. He was so happy. Then they introduced themselves to each other. Finally, Aamir found out that her name was Kalian.

After the cruise arrived at Singapore, they both wandered and visited every place together for two days. As time passed, they became best friends and married. This shows goodness is rewarded in the end.


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