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The Day to Day Adventures of Elisabeth Munroe Part One of Chapter 1
By Natalia R.
age: 13

It was late autumn and I was sitting in class. It was Math class, my favorite subject. I was probably the only kid in the entire school who liked it, but who cares? When you like something, you like it. If you like pepperoni pizza and nobody else does (as if that’s possible) you’re not going to stop eating it. Anyway, we were discussing multiplying fractions. I was having difficulty with it, but it still was interesting.

12:12. yes, finally end of class. Time for recess. I zipped out of class faster than a donkey riding on a unicycle. (I tend to have these weird sayings sometimes. Don’t mind them. Its just a figure of speech that I made up. Anyway back to the story.) As I was saying, I zipped out of class, ready to hurry out to recess. I quickly put my things in my homeroom and went running down the stairs.

I threw the door open and ran as fast as I could to the jungle gym. Ahh, the memories. Sitting there since first grade watching the world around me, feeling like the queen of the world. What could be better.

When I had gotten to the jungle gym, kids were filling up the top. Fast! I ran at top speed. I scrambled up the jungle gym and got the last spot on the top. Yes!

The feeling I felt five days a week of being queen of the world came back again. My friend Lisa was coming over to the jungle gym and climbed up sitting just below me.

“Isn’t this the best? Sitting here on the jungle gym. For some reason it’s just so exciting. It is kind of a place to hang out. To relax after math class especially,” said Lisa looking around feeling exactly the way I did, except for the math part of course. This was why we were friends. Because we understood each other. This was one example.

“Come on kids. It is time for lunch,” called our teacher. I climbed down the jungle gym and went inside into the cafeteria. My friend Lisa and I sat down at our regular table. Our other friends came over to sit with us.

We talked about our weekend plans. Becka said she was going camping with her parents. Her family was into nature. Alex said she was going to her friend’s birthday party. Alex had just moved from a different city and she still had friends in that town which she kept in contact with. As for me, I was going to the animal shelter with my mom. We were going to get a new puppy! I couldn’t wait! I still wasn’t sure what kind of dog I wanted, but I knew that it had to be cute and cuddly.

“Hey guys. Did I tell you I’m getting a new puppy,” I said excitedly.

“Really. That’s awesome. Dogs are so much fun. My cocker spaniel, Coco, is so funny. When we took her to the park last week, she kept chasing this butterfly, trying to catch it with her paws. It was hilarious. You know how puppies can be. They love to goof off. So, Elisabeth, be ready for a lot of fun,” said Becka, eating her pizza and taking a sip of orange juice, her favorite.

“I just can’t wait. It’s going to be so much fun to have a dog. Someone to play with in the evenings. I usually watch TV but now I’m going to have so much fun,” I told my friends.

“I wouldn’t want a dog. They’re smelly and they track mud in the house all the time. Trust me. The puppy isn’t just going to be fun and games. Your parents are going to make you clean up after it too,” said Lisa who wasn’t the biggest fan of pets or any animals in general.

“Oh Lisa. I don’t know how you could not like animals. They’re so fun. Especially dogs. They’re fun and love to play and will always be loyal and protect you. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Am I right Becka?” I asked her.

“Of course! Anyway, I can’t wait for you to get your puppy. We could have puppy play dates. I’ll bring Coco to your house to meet your new puppy and we could play with both of them!” exclaimed Becka cheerfully.

“Okay that sounds like a great idea. My new puppy will need some dog friends,” I told Becka. We were in our own little world now. Talking about all the things, we could do with the puppies, even though I didn’t have one yet!

We were so caught up in our conversation that we almost missed the bell for our last class of the day. It was English time. Ugh! English was my least favorite subject. However, we were actually reading a pretty interesting book called THE SAFARI OF THE WEST. It was about this twelve-year-old boy who went with his parents to Africa and there he learned many of the different stories and legends told by African elders in the villages. One of the stories that Leo heard (Leo is the boy in the book) told the myth of how the zebra got its stripes. We were almost finished with the book in class. I could not wait to see what happened in the end.

As we sat down in our seats in Mrs. McLivingston’s classroom, I talked with Lisa who was sitting next to me as she always did.

“Hey Elisabeth what do you think of my new bracelet? I didn’t get a chance to ask you at lunch. So what do you think?” said Lisa waving her wrist in front of my face.

“It’s nice. I like the way the pink and blue are blended at the middle. It kinda looks like tie-dye. Where did you get it?” I asked Lisa, looking at the bracelet.

“I got it at Millicent’s Jewels yesterday. If you want I can get you one. Millicent gives me discounts because my mom works there,” answered Lisa knowingly.

“Sure that is awesome. We could match. Are there any other colors though? You know, like my favorite color-- yellow?” I asked pointing at my yellow shirt and sneakers.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact there are. So you want me to get you the yellow one right? Okay then, I’ll ask my mom to bring me with her to her work,” said Lisa.
''Great, thanks. We will totally match,'' I told Lisa just as the teacher was coming into the classroom. After that Lisa and I quieted down.

In class, we read from our book, THE SAFARI OF THE WEST. After class, we went back to homeroom and we packed and went outside. Finally school was over for the day.

My mom picked me up from school that day because we were going to go right to the animal shelter to get my new puppy! I couldn’t wait. I had finally decided to get a…

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