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All About My Life
By Dale R.
age: 18
New York

I was four-years-old and I had everything a kid could ask for. My brothers and I would go fishing all day until that one day. I was playing in the yard and thatís when it happened. I fell down an eight-foot well and I never thought I was going to get out.

I finally got out about a half an hour later. When I got in the house, I passed out on the floor. The next thing I rember I was in the hospital with my mom and dad. The doctor came in and told my mom and dad that I was lucky to be alive.

When I got home I was so happy to see my brothers and my dog. I wanted to go fishing, but my dad told me that I couldnít until tomorrow.

Now that I am older, all I want to do is go fishing and do some hunting.

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