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Time for Change
By Tiana D.
age: 13

Even though dancing, playing soccer and jumping rope are rather nice, I chose to do something different. I never thought that I would play volleyball and trust me, it was definitely something different.

While doing volleyball, my family was there throughout the whole journey supporting me. In fact, I think that this was a fun way to exercise. After school it kept me entertained as well as others.

First, when I decided that it was a time for change, I thought really hard about volleyball. Volleyball can be very hard at times...but not usually. It is an amazing sport that I love. If my best friend had not told me how fun volleyball was, I would have never tried it.

Next, volleyball is the coolest sport that I've ever done. So now, when we have family picnics, I am the one always telling my family to come and play volleyball.

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