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A Trip to the Zoo
By Jason W.
age: 15
New York

Yesterday I went to the zoo
To go and see the kangaroo.

His name was Allan, he was cool;
But first up today was the mule.

I got bored of this very fast
Because after all, he’s an ass.

After the mule, it was the bears;
They’re big and strong and full of hairs.

They roared and growled with much power;
My next stop was the bird tower.

The birds were boring, that’s for sure;
So I continued with my tour.

The lions always sleep and yawn
On their finely manicured lawn.

I walked on by, to the cheetahs;
The oldest one is named Rita.

They are always fun to observe,
I wish that I had an hors d’oeuvre.

Finally I got to Allan;
He gets ten miles per gallon.

We spoke and dined for five hours,
And after he gave me flowers.

We said goodbye and then we kissed;
I’m so glad that Allan exists.
Jason W on writing:
I adopted a kangaroo in the zoo named Allan and he inspired this.

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