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A little puppy
By Allen A.
age: 14

We were tired, we were frustrated, we wanted a puppy! My brother and I would ask my mom, and get the ''yeah, ok, sure'' answer, but my dad was different. We already had two dogs, poodles. They are good dogs, loyal, trustworthy, and smart. My dad said we could get a puppy on ONE condition, it had to be a little puppy. We checked all over everywhere. There were golden labs, pit bulls, and boxers, but no poodles puppies. We finally found some place on Guadelupe, California. We were SO happy...but, they were $400. We still got in the car drove there and retrieved a small little female whom we named Halo. We were VERY excited! A new puppy! At this point we have had Halo for 2 months. We took to the vet for her shots. The vet said that her fur indicated that she was half Maltese. WHAT?! We paid for a purebred poodle! But, at this point it didn't matter, we loved her. We could have got our money back, but it would require giving our liíl Halokins back.
Allen A on writing:
Our puppy Halo

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