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A Cute Pup
By Lisa D.
age: 12

Our friends called us on the phone. They had gotten a new puppy! We had gone to an Angel game the day before with them and also had gone to the pound, but none of the dogs there were very good. I thought they had given up until the phone rang. I was also excited when they said they were visiting with the puppy the next week. They said they named the puppy Halo after the Angels and she was a poodle mix. I couldn't wait to see her as soon as I saw the puppy, I noticed that she as the most adorable thing I had ever seen. I took her into my arms and hugged her tight. I never wanted to let her go but they didn't stay very long and soon enough, our home was again, dogless.

I had always wanted a dog but after our first one passed away, my dad was so upset he never wanted another again. After he saw that puppy, however, he decided he would open his heart to one more dog. I wonder what kind it will be?
Lisa D on writing:
Going up to our friends hous and seeing their puppy.

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