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By CJ G.
age: 13
New Jersey

This is just another day in Alaska with a four in a half hour time change. The entire plane rides put together was about ten hours in the air in one day. That morning we were in Cape May, New Jersey. It took two hours to get to Newark Liberty International Airport. It took six in a half hour to get to Settle, Washington. Then we waited in the airport for about three hours. When the plane pulled into the airport it was even smaller than the first plane. There was not any TVís in any of the planes. We took Alaska Air that was the worst airlines we ever took. When we came off the plane in Sitka, Alaska we met Travis the captain of the boat. We went to the boat and left the harbor early in the morning.

We are three days into the trip when we decided to fish for some big Halibut. We were only about half a mile off shore and that was it. We had two little boats on the front of the big boat. We used the two boats to go by waterfalls and catch salmon to use for bait to catch halibut. We went to Alaska during the summer. This is also known as the least rainy season. In Alaska it rains/snows 350/365 days out of the year. Now that is a lot of snow in the winter donít you think? While we were in Alaska it only rained once and they said they never saw so many days in a row with out rain. Everyone always think of Alaska as such a cold place but one day it was 74 degrees out. They say it was one of the hottest days they remember. Since Alaska only has two months of warm weather and ten months of cold weather, the glaciers just were heating up that day. The Ocean in Alaska is never warm enough to swim in. The hottest the ocean ever was in the upper forties lower fifties. Now that is cold water. That is way the fishing is so good during the summer because the water is at the perfect temperature.
After the poles were in for about ten minuets we got a hit. It was on my pole. I was so excited. Once I pulled the fish about twenty feet off the bottom it was just like reeling in dead weight. The fish was four and a quarter feet high and weighed sixty-five pounds. I was so proud of myself that I broke my old record of a twelve pound blue fish by a lot. Everyone was so proud of me but I still did not break the Jr. Angler record of 115 pounds. I did not break any records while I was in Alaska. That was the only upsetting thing. Going to Alaska was a once in a lifetime experience. While I was just finishing reeling it up my dad got a hit but his hit was about double the size of mine. My dadsí fish weighed about 120 pounds. When they brag the fish by the door the captain took out his gun and shot the fish three to four times. He had to do that because if he brings it on the boat alive it would flap around on the deck and break all of our legs like little twigs. We would really not want this to happen it would ruin our vacation. That day was by far the greatest day.
We caught the most fish we could catch of two per person and a total of eighteen fish. We could not catch any more fish or we could get in some really big trouble. That night we pulled into a nice little town and went to some hot springs. Those hot springs were 105 degrees and they were located right next to a water falls. The water falls comes from a lake and the lake is made from a glacier high up in the mountain. The lake was as blue as the Caribbean Sea It was as if someone melted the wax of a blue green candy and made the lake. It was the nicest color in the world. That night I will never forget. When we left Alaska we left with 100 pounds of Halibut and 86 pounds of salmon. We gave most of the fish away and we ate the rest of it. That fish from Alaska is so good. Alaska is a wonderful place.
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