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Brown Bear: My Childhood Friend
By Alexa M.
age: 12

Think back to when you were just a little kid. Do you remember that one special toy you had? It could be that Barbie doll you got for Christmas when you were five. Or that cool new skateboard you had when you were seven. It doesnít really matter, as long as you have all those wonderful memories that you will carry with you forever.
My favorite toy was one foot six with short fuzzy brown fur all over. His name was Brown Bear. He might have been just an ordinary brown teddy bear with the cutest black beady eyes you ever saw to some other kid. But, to me he was, well, my favorite toy, my friend even! When there was a scary thunderstorm that kept me up all night, Brown Bear was there for me to squeeze. When I wasnít invited to someoneís birthday party, Brown Bear was there to comfort me. Okay, some of you, maybe even most of you think Iím crazy! Come on, I was five at the time. Actually, Iíve had Brown Bear all my life. After I was born, everyone stormed in with gifts and balloons reading congratulations and Brown Bear. My grandma gave him to my mom to give to me. Since he was almost as big as me when I was born, mom put him away until I was a little bigger. I donít exactly remember when I actually started playing with Brown Bear; all I know is that he was always there (Iíve lost all memory of the first four years of my life. Itís just a little foggy in my fifth year!)
Let me see if I can make out that fifth year for you. Oh yeah, I remember: I was really rough with Brown Bear, poor thing! I would throw him up in the air and try to catch him. (He almost got caught in the fan a couple of times!) Iíd grab him by his arms and spin him around until one day whenÖ RIP! Brown Bearís arm came off! I was so upset I wanted to cry. I grabbed his arm and the rest of his body and went screaming for my mommy. Luckily, sheís pretty handy with a needle and thread. You wouldnít believe how many times Brown Bear had an ďaccidentĒ and needed to be repaired. As the years went by I got older and didnít play with Brown Bear as much. I was more interested in painting my nails, having sleepovers, and Nsync! So, Brown Bear waited; but I didnít come back. Donít get me wrong, itís not that I didnít care about him anymore, I was just growing up!

I still have Brown Bear today. Heís still in my closet, waiting to see the light again. Every now and then, when nobody is around, I take him out, just to check on him and say hello. In the next year or two, Iíll give him to my little sister and heíll find a home in her arms and once again, have the love of a little girl.

Alexa M on writing:
My favorite teddy bear that I played with when I was really little inspired me to write this piece

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