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The Greatest Dog Ever
By Kevin M.
age: 13

The most wonderful dog ever was my dog, Sampson. When he was young, Sampson was abused horribly by his old owners. When we first brought him home, he was quiet and scared of my family. When we came near him, his tail would be curled up and his head would be down. Sampson probably thought we were going to hurt him, but we never did. Soon over time, Sampson started to trust us more and became friendlier.

Sampson was a fat, lazy yellow lab. Even though he was overweight, he could do many tricks… well at least I thought they were tricks. He would be able to shake hands, open doors, and even play ''follow the leader'.' When I fell down, Sampson would trot over to me and start licking me all over my face. It was disgusting, but it always made me laugh.

The funny thing was that he wouldn’t bark no matter what! For example, when the doorbell rang, usually dogs would bark but not Sampson; he would just sit near the door and wag his tail rapidly. Sampson was also the most loyal dog I’ve ever seen. Like when my family and I went to run some errands and Sampson was out in our backyard, he started to dig a hole at the gate. He dug a big enough hole to get through, and he crawled through the hole. When we came home, we saw the hole near the gate and we thought he had run away! Well when we pulled up closer to the house, we saw at our door step, Sampson wagging his tail with a huge smile on his face. Sampson was also great company for any person. Like when my grandmother would be alone at our house, he would sit next to her as she would talk to him. He was incredible!

Unfortunately, Sampson had a tumor in his hip and it was very hard for him to walk. Every day Sampson’s leg got worse and worse, so that soon he could not walk any more. It got to the point that we would have to amputate his leg or put him to sleep. Being so old, we had to do the right thing and that was to put him to sleep. So at age 12, on February 15, 2005, Sampson passed away. My family and I think about that super dog every day and how much we love him.

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