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A Day to Remember
By Ivory B.
age: 12

I walk into Six Flags: Great America. Man, it is hot outside! I am glad my family and I are going to Six Flags’ new water park first. So now my family and I are walking to the water park. While I walk under the scorching hot sun I just might get a tan. Finally, we make it to the water park.

I am going on a water slide before going to the Wave Pool. It is really burning hot outside. It feels like I am in an oven and I cannot escape. That is why I cannot wait to play in the icy water. I am walking in a line to the water slide, and Man! From seeing how long the line extends, I have a very long way to go before I reach the top of the slide. This is going to take some time.

While I wait I look at the clear blue sky and admire the stairs. How boring! Finally, I reach the top of the slide and I am next in line. I sit down on the slide and push off as hard as I can. I pick up speed as I head down the steep wet slide. I am going so fast, I am sure to be dizzy at the end of the slide. The slide has so many twists and turns that I think I may fall off at any moment. SPLASH! I slide into the water and the water splashes everywhere. That was super fun.

When I get out of the water I head to the Wave Pool. I walk into the water and wait for the waves to rise. The water is very cold, but it is perfect for this hot weather. Eventually I get out of the pool and go on other water rides.

After getting on other water slides I meet my family at the locker room where I wash up and get dressed. Now my family and I leave the water park and head toward the roller coasters.

My family and I decide to go on the Superman roller coaster first. It takes a while to get to the ride. The line looks very long but it will be worth the wait. My family and I get on the Superman ride. Everybody gets in their seat and pulls their armrest down from over their head and buckles the handles to the bottom of the seat. The seats start to tilt forward, positioning everyone’s body parallel to the ground as we are all now lying on our bellies. It feels like we are going to fly like Superman. Then our seats start to move forward and high up into the air. The ride makes so many twists, turns and loops that I think I am going to fall at any moment. I am so far off the ground and we are moving so fast, but I am not scared. I feel the wind blow through my hair during the entire ride. Finally, the ride stops. We get off and ride some of the other roller coasters until the amusement park begins to close.

I am sad we have to leave Six Flags because I was having so much fun, but I am very glad we went and had fun. I promise to never forget this wonderful day. As my family and I drive away from the amusement park I stare at the roller coasters and remember what a great time I had at Six Flags.
Ivory B on writing:
The great time my family and I had at Six Flag's amusement park.

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