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Birthday Party
By Kendall D.
age: 12

One day a big tall boy named Antione was having a big slumber party at his Giant’s house. He sure didn’t know who he was going to invite. He thought about his cousin Daja and his best friend Gary who was loyal to him. The next sunny hot humid day Antione got on the big shiny yellow school bus (that he loved to ride on in the mornings) and went to school. He kept thinking about his party and who he was going to invite. He also thought about who he wasn’t going to invite. He was scared that if he invited the wrong person and they did something bad he would never be able to have another party at his house ever again.

Antoine was unsure about who to invite, so he asked his cousin Daja. She didn’t know who to invite herself. After overhearing his conversations, his trusty loving momma came up with the perfect idea. But, she left and went to the busy shopping mall without saying one word. They called her on her compact cell phone. She went to the party store to get party favors, sleeping bags and cake and candles.

Antione and Daja were bored at home so they watched Rugrats in Paris on their brand new big screen plasma television. After that, they played their new XBox 360. After that, they got something to eat from Dairy Queen, their favorite fast food restaurant behind McDonald‘s Wendy‘s, Burger King, White Castle, and Pizza Hut. They loved fast food soo much that they practically lived off of it. They ate at a different restaurant each and every day. They know that this is very bad and unhealthy for them but they are kids, what do they know.

Then, their mom and aunt called. She needed them to come home and bring the big white grocery bags in the house. There were tons of bags to bring into the house. It took them almost an hour to bring in all of these bags, Antione thought. They were happy because the bags were filled up with all sorts of things like candy, sundaes, sunflower seeds, cotton candy, alcohol, peroxide, pop juice, paper milk, eggs, salsa, butter, fruit, bottled water, tacos, cake and ice cream.

At first they didn’t want to do the work because they would get tired, hot, and weak. It was a very hot day and they knew they had to do it because their oversized truck was in the garage and the bags were already on the lawn. He asked his mom if she could help and she got a bundle of bags and took them into the house. Then, she came back out of the house and specifically said, “You two bring those bags in and you might get a treat.“ They tried their hardest to bring the bags in. They tried carrying them on their heads and in their arms. The two of them carried the last bag in together.
This chore might have taken them a long time but, the big surprise was five dollars a piece. After they got their money they went back out to the store. They didn’t know what they were going to buy they just wanted to get out of the house. Their favorite things to do were to go to the store and to go to the fast food restaurants to buy junk food.

However, today the cousins did something different. Today they went to the park. That was the first time they had visited the big park around their house in a few years. Then, Antione got a call on his cell phone, from his mother. She told him to come home right away. He and Daja ran to the house as fast as they could. As soon as they got there everybody jumped out and yelled “Surprise, happy birthday, birthday boy.“ He was soo surprised.
Kendall D on writing:
My birthday is coming up.

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