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By Hannah H.
age: 12

Homework is a waste of time,
Time passes by as the clock begins to chime,
Takes away time from games, television, and more,
With homework, you won't even get to answer the door,
It's not fair I tell you,
I go against homework and say ''Boo hoo!''
Homework is stupid, no offense,
I hate it when school lessons commence.
Spelling, geography, mathematics,
I hate all these boring lesson tactics
What do we even learn?
It only makes our brains mix and churn,
Who likes homework?
I think it's all murk,
I've never heard anyone make a ''yeah''
Except Mary's lamb who followed her to school and got a better grade say ''baa''
It's boring and tiring work all day long,
The clocks begin to tick, the grandfather clock makes a tremendous gong!
So let's end the day with no writing
Let's just let the television do all the guiding.
Hannah H on writing:
I was doing my homework, when I wrote this.

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