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Book Review : Murder List
By Francella W.
age: 13

A book I would recommend is Murder List by Julie Garwood. Itís a great book to read for someone who loves a kind mystery. Itís about a girl, Regan Hamilton Madison, who works at one of her family business hotel with her three brothers. She helps her friend Sophie, whoís a journalist; uncover Dr. Shields, an evil man who takes widow's money. So she goes along to one of his classes and they do this activity about who you wish were never here. Regan plays along and a few days later, a person is found dead. Then another person is also found. She has to stop it before it is her turn next. I really enjoy reading about it and you probably would too!
Francella W on writing:
What inspired me to write this is how I want other teens to read this fascinating book.

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